Journey Of Joys And Sorrows

Journey Of Joys & Sorrows by UglyAndTraveling

Traveling used to bring me joy
To new places, near and far
But now it brings me only sorrow
As I wander alone in the dark

Gone are the days of carefree wanderlust
Of exploring and discovering new lands
Now I am weighed down by heavy heart
Holding onto memories with trembling hands

I long for the days when I could roam
To distant shores and foreign lands
But now I am stuck in this endless cycle
Of longing for what I can’t have

Traveling was once my greatest love
But now it brings me only pain
As I wander these empty roads
Yearning for what I can’t regain!


This is my own original poetry and should not be reproduced or used without my permission. I retain all rights to this work and any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. This poetry is meant for personal enjoyment and should not be used for any commercial purposes. However, you are welcome to share this post with friends or loved ones.

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