Reasons Why You Should Visit Northern Pakistan

North of Pakistan

North of Pakistan is a region that consists of four countries, namely: Afghanistan, Iran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and South Punjab. This part contains the two largest landmasses in Asia with much less developed than other parts of the country which are making itself known as “the forgotten nation”. It contains some of the most interesting historical sites and heritage places, it has some well-planned towns and cities that have developed over time but still have many untouched forests.

North of Pakistan
Facts about Northern Pakistan

The fact that North Pakistan is still recovering its independence from British rule can be seen in all aspects of life; the economy, infrastructure, education, and transportation are not yet fully functional, so we have to be patient when driving here especially on roads, as the traffic system is still underfunded, though some companies have found ways to get around.

What makes the north of Pakistan so fascinating? Well, in the North of Pakistan you would see diversity, lots of cultural attractions, however, during your visit, you would see very few foreign tourists as the majority of tourists are local from various parts of Pakistan. Now I want to give a list of reasons why North of Pakistan is amazing.

1 – Architecture

The history of architecture is rich and fascinating, but I will focus mainly on the architectural style and richness of this region, since there is little tourism there, only those who know the best travel their way tPakistan’s history of architecture is rich and fascinating, but I will focus mainly on the architectural style and richness of this region, since there is little tourism there, only those who know the best travel their way through Pakistan. I consider the building styles in this region to varying between Western European, Neoclassical, Classical styles. Most buildings are neoclassic, and quite a large proportion of them use decorative facades and glass windows. You can also find traditional wooden doors. In the last centuries, mosques and domes were built, while now they are mostly made with concrete. These are the main types of architecture used in the region. A huge percentage of the population are Muslims, Islam was brought over by the invaders (and almost eradicated, before a new wave of immigrants was introduced) and that makes us welcome that diversity of religions. For example, Pakistan’s culture revolves around Islamic and Christian rites – and they celebrate Eid and Ramadan every year.

2 – Wildlife

This part of the world is very unique because you never actually see wolves or bears in this part of South Asia, and even lions are rare in this region, and North of Pakistan makes it an area where markhor, tigers, deers, etc are found. They live close to humans but don’t pose any problems to tourists because they are protected. During summer, at night, you can take a dip into a lake or just go for a walk in parks and watch these stunning animals, especially when dark. They can sometimes wander up to tourists and act like wild animals themselves and cause accidents. The reason that attracts tourists to the north of Pakistan is its wildlife and natural beauty, there is an environment where creatures live naturally and are quite easy to interact with, despite being captive with humans.

3 – Tradition

Pakistan is a country that is full of traditions that were passed down through generations since the arrival of Europeans. As soon as you enter the north of Pakistan, you’ll notice a different atmosphere in your surroundings, where people are more relaxed and welcoming and enjoy each other’s views and experiences. When you first arrive in the north of Pakistan you’ll experience many things, not only things such as food, drink, and entertainment, what I’m more interested in doing is finding out about the tradition of local people and try to understand how it came about. There is something magical about learning about a tradition that took thousands of years to develop, even if it’s something small. Maybe that’s why traveling to the north of Pakistan is one of my favorite reasons to do it.

4 – Infrastructure

The streets are clean and well maintained, the electricity and water have been properly installed. Roads are well kept and maintained but unfortunately, the roads in some areas are bad, you won’t get out of your car without having problems, but you can get to most of the spots you need to go if you drive carefully. Don’t worry if you get stuck, the locals are very friendly and helpful, they will take you out from the misery ?

All this means that in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, you also have a safe commute. Many people prefer traveling in smaller towns, especially if there are several stops, and with cars, to save money and time. However, the city life is also good in Pakistan; there are plenty of businesses all over the country, and there are decent shopping malls with high street shops that offer great value for money. People who live in the north of Pakistan are keen on eating healthy food and drinking water.

5 – Environment

The views of northern Pakistan are pretty spectacular, and if you arrive during winters, you may see beautiful snowfall. Visiting at night is always preferable, but of course, there aren’t too many attractions to choose from, so people often complain of feeling disappointed.

Still, I’d advise you to take advantage of the opportunity because the weather in this place is rather cool, you shouldn’t complain about cold weather when visiting the countryside or walking along rivers in the north of Pakistan. You can still ride bicycles or go skiing at any ice rink in this region, but that will require a bit less maintenance, but again, it is a point of convenience, which can be quite expensive for people living in urban centers. Traveling to these areas does not mean you have to be concerned or ashamed of your body, just make sure you are wearing an appropriate dress.
The majority of the people in Pakistan are very friendly and warm welcoming. I bet you, you would never forget your travel experience to Pakistan and will take great memories, only will leave your footprints 🙂

Check out some of my travel video vlogs I recently made during my stay in the north of Pakistan and enjoy the 4K views of stunning Northern Pakistan.

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Traveling with the green ( ?? ) passport ?
Take only memories✈️leave only footprints?

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