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Visit Pakistan and Enjoy a New Culture From The Untold South. If You’re looking to have the most fun vacation in your life, get ready to travel to Pakistan and explore some of the best places for entertainment. And that is the reason you may see in YouTube videos, now a days lots of foreigners are visiting Pakistan and creating their video vlogs.

Pakistan is located on the northern bank of the Arabian Sea and is bordered by Iran (Iran), Afghanistan (Afghanistan) to the east and southwest, China, and India. It shares its borders with four neighboring countries, as well as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan. In 2013, Pakistan’s agriculture, energy, mining, and manufacturing sectors were valued at about $ 5 trillion. Despite being rich in culture, history, and art, Pakistan is also a highly urbanized nation where over two-thirds of the population lives in urban areas and cities. The southern port city of Karachi alone has the highest population, and it is divided into seven districts which each have a population exceeding 100 thousand. The rural villages of Punjab province are home to half of all Pakistani population.

Pakistan is known for its historical richness, cultural richness, and natural beauty. But, above all else, Pakistan is also an extraordinary place with unique geographical conditions. Here you can enjoy a variety of cuisines, traditional food or delicious snacks, cuisine from different countries, local culinary traditions, heritage products. One thing that makes Pakistan so popular is the amazing diversity of civilizations, languages, and art forms, with traditional folk songs, dances, and folk crafts, and ancient paintings on pottery and structures. Amongst these things are many beautiful places, such as Faisal Mosque, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Humayun’s Tomb, Qandla, Haripur, Sui (Ghulam Nabi), etc. So, when you travel to any part of Pakistan, remember that it is a land of possibilities!

Without wasting any more time, I would begin my blog with the nature/ mountains of Pakistan, as I am a nature freak 🙂

When it comes to the mountains in Pakistan, many people will say this is one of the ‘most beautiful countries of the world’. However, although this may be true, it shouldn’t mean that the mountains of Pakistan are simply plain! To make it clear, let’s first take a look at some aspects that make mountains so beautiful. A major aspect that makes mountains so wonderful is the incredible variety of vegetation present on them. Many rivers provide opportunities for different types of plants and life. While certain areas in Pakistan may not have abundant orchards, others do.

These diverse regions attract both flora and fauna from all over the world, which are known to draw out even a single species of animal or plant they encounter. It should be noted though that this richness can make certain deserts extremely dry. With that said, there are great mountain ranges which can support a huge range of land and animals. Some of them are incredibly large, others small enough to fit in your car. Just think about how much space you have if someone were to pack into your vehicle! So, how do you see these areas of abundance? Let me go into detail to help you better appreciate these spectacular views and discover why Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The Himalayas

While the highest peaks and snow-capped plains in the world are well known to us, the Himalayas are also a rich source of wildlife and wildlife. They provide an ideal home for wild and endangered fauna, as well as some amazing wildlife populations. Most notably, this country’s mammals of the planet can call this area their own. Notable amongst them are the snow leopard, markhor, tigers, rhesus macaque and many many more. All of these breeds can roam free in these vast landscapes.

Glaciers in Pakistan

There are no less than seven glaciers in the entire South American continent, with three of them located in Pakistan! Snowfall plays a key role in making glaciers look like they do. According to scientists, snow acts as a chemical reaction to water at its lowest temperature. Afterward, moisture rises up to the freezing point of the atmosphere, making ice crystals. These are formed when precipitation falls from high altitudes above the ground, resulting in temperatures which rise to 60 degrees Fahrenheit above sea level. An example of this occurrence occurred during 2012, when the weather warmed up in the mountains, producing thinning snowfall. Since then, snow has become rarer every year, causing glaciers to fill up with more snow each winter. Despite snowfall becoming rarer, the glaciers are still incredibly beautiful, especially when the sun shines through them and causes them to glow brightly in the dark. Even those who have never seen snow can get mesmerized by these dazzling displays. They seem to glow around midnight due to sunlight falling from the sky.

Kohar Mountain Range

It is said that ‘the best time’ to visit Kohar is December or January, due to the monsoon season, which is often associated with cold temperatures. Kohar mountains are considered the highest mountains in the world, rising to nearly 3,500 meters above sea level and stretching for 6,000 kilometres. Along with peaks, Kohar is famous for having snow-capped lakes and gorgeous valleys. Each valley gets filled with fresh snow every spring and summer, giving these snow-capped peaks an unparalleled beauty. They also provide excellent hiking and trekking trails, providing a perfect opportunity for exploring ancient caves with friends (depending on whether you are an experienced hiker or just taking your first steps onto the trail).

Alif Lake

The alif lake, which can be found in almost every mountainous region in Pakistan, is the fourth largest lake in the Earth in terms of volume. With a capacity of 4 million cubic metres, it boasts of being the third largest freshwater lake in the world. It is also one of only two lakes in the world capable of supporting fish stocks as well as breeding cichlids. Alif Lake is a fantastic location to visit as there are plenty of bird colonies, as well as deer colonies!

K2 Pakistan

K2, at 8,611 metres (28,251 ft) above sea level, is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest. The bottleneck of K2 has witnessed many deaths. One among every four climber never makes it back from the K2 mountain, and most of them lose their lives just here or somewhere near it. However, despite that horrifying fact, on a mountain considered more dangerous than Everest, the Bottleneck traverse is also the easiest and the shortest way to the summit of K2 and return!! , “K2 is a savage mountain that tries to kill you.”

Enough of nature and mountains 🙂
I will try to update this blog time to time and add further new information, now lets talk about some food, fashion and IT industries in Pakistan.

Food and drink of Pakistan

Pakistan is famous for its incredible cuisine, tasty foods, exotic dishes, and wine. There are multiple cuisines from different parts of Europe like German meatballs and pizza, Middle Eastern style, Indian style food, Pakistani biryani, and so on.
As we all know, it is not possible to eat and drink anything properly when traveling abroad but Pakistan offers a perfect opportunity to experience some of their delicacies even though you are living in one of the wealthiest countries of the world. This country has several restaurants that offer amazing quality food even though they do not offer any type of alcohol. If you are a drinker, then you can find alcohol in most of the 5 star hotels in Pakistan. There are some underground ways as well to get alcohol, but let’s not talk about that here 🙂
In addition, there are also numerous types of cooking equipment available in Pakistan that will help you prepare some wonderful dishes.

As I said above, Pakistan is full of tasty food – from vegetarian options like samosas, pakoras, Biryani, halwa and rotis, to the most sweet things made from scratch in secret ingredients like jalebi, mithun, chaat masala, and many more.
Even the simplest food has its own specialties and special recipes that add flavor to the dish so well that it makes you hungry for more. You can actually order the food you want right away and take it home or order food from the restaurant yourself. When ordering from restaurants, they give you special recommendations, ask questions, and teach you tips on how to cook. It’s a chance to interact with the staff and meet new people that will surely make it easier for you to settle into your new surroundings once you arrive in Pakistan! The food industry in Pakistan is incredibly diverse and everyone must appreciate the fact that this world has its fair share of cultures and traditions that bring forth foods that everyone loves and eats.

Fashion in Pakistan

Pakistan is undoubtedly known as one of the best destinations for tourists around the globe due to its rich culture, delicious food, and excellent transportation system. Furthermore, this country has got an ancient history, beautiful landscape, and diverse natural beauty that would make you fall in love with everything about it. They have a high number of ethnic groups which means that no matter where you stay or what you want to see, you can find out whatever you are looking for. This, combined with the fact that Pakistan was the first country in the world to recognize Islamic identity and freedom of speech in 1984, makes this land a cultural paradise you won’t want to miss.

Technology in Pakistan

Yes, Pakistan is indeed fortunate enough to have one of the fastest internet speeds in the entire Asia while still remaining fairly cheap. While speaking of affordable internet speeds, it is important to note that the speed in Karachi seems to be slower than those in other cities and towns outside the city. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t visit Pakistan and enjoy some great apps that let you interact with friends, stay in touch with relatives and discover places throughout Pakistan online. Because of this high quality internet, you can enjoy access to hundreds of websites without putting too much strain on your connection. Furthermore, you can download popular mobile games on iTunes, use free Skype applications and connect through WhatsApp and other messaging applications. However, one must always remember these days that all you need to have is reliable internet and access to smartphones, tablets and computers.

Pakistan is one of those states that is highly technologically advanced compared to other countries – so much so that every third person knows something about technology in their homes. Pakistan is blessed by having both local and international companies that work hard to provide their citizens with better infrastructure and better living conditions.
On top of these, Pakistan is home to over 10,000 companies that offer employment opportunities to anyone that wants a job. This certainly pays off because the salaries in Pakistan start at almost $19 per hour before tax! Not to mention, this country has been ranked among the highest-wage countries in the world. This might seem like the thing to write about a country with such a bad reputation for but here’s the truth: Pakistan is actually very good in terms of providing jobs to people around the world. So, don’t think twice before taking a trip to Pakistan and also explore its exciting nature!

Music and Art of Pakistan

Pakistan is known for the variety of genres and music in their region, including blues, rock, folk, classical, pop, jazz, reggae, etc. You just need to visit Pakistan and try some of the popular Urdu and songs in local languages you probably haven’t heard yet! And that is the whole point! You could actually hear them while playing guitar or flute guitar – or watching them play musical instruments or singing. Or, you could learn how to say some words that you may have forgotten – like my favorite song “Hawa Hawa Ay Hawa Khushbo Lota De” which goes: “Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Chorain Gaye… (If you don’t give up, I will come back again.)” You could read some of the lyrics and try a few of the videos that you can watch! You could also visit some of the traditional costumes and wear them whenever you go anywhere out in public!

Language In Pakistan

Urdu is spoken throughout the country and many people in the region can speak Urdu and English is also well known or at least you can find easily someone on the road and speak English to get help. You can easily talk to someone and understand what they are saying. At the same time, when you are in Pakistan, you might realize that you never need to use a translation app in the slightest because they don’t really exist, but rather, you should rely on a native speaker. You just need a couple of sentences of your own, and suddenly, you can communicate with anyone if you need it!
Apart from Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi, Siraki and Kashmiri languages are also well known across the country.

Transportation Infrastructure in Pakistan

If we talk about how far Pakistan is behind in the development process, then they might be surprised because this country is extremely developed and urbanized and has become quite industrial by using foreign resources. Pakistan’s national highways include the famous Grand Trunk Road, Indus Highway, Karakoram Highway and Makran Coastal Highway. Pakistan has one of the most advanced road networks in the world, thanks to all newly built highways, making intercity travel in Pakistan more comfortable, enjoyable and safe than ever. These roads not only connect the city but also allow easy access to tourist attractions across the country.

Architecture of Pakistan

The buildings in Pakistan are absolutely remarkable to look at and the architecture of this country would give you inspiration. Many years ago, Pakistan gained independence from India and became one of the greatest developing countries in the world. Since it started developing, it has created countless skyscrapers and modern bridges. Today, we know that a lot of building is happening in Punjab and Sindh where we can find thousands of structures that were designed for people living in those areas. In addition, the architectural monuments of Pakistan are also quite astonishing to see due to their complexity and simplicity.

Climate in Pakistan

Pakistan is not a temperate nation but it does get hot in summer and cold in winter. Therefore, if you plan to visit this country, you should be prepared. Thankfully, Pakistan is known to have a unique climate and the humidity levels are high in summers and low in winters. Unfortunately, winters can sometimes get colder than summers, which can become very difficult to handle if you’re not used to it!
Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that your skin will break out and you’ll need hospital care if you accidentally end up suffering too much winter.

There is so much to talk about this fascinating country. I will try my best to keep this blog up to date and add more information. If you liked this blog and it was helpful to you, then why not share it with your friends & family.
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