The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Pakistani Passport is Invalid for Israel

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The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Your Pakistani Passport is Invalid for Israel

Pakistani passports were first issued in the early 1950s, in some resources it says it was first issued on 14 August 1947. The reason for this is because Pakistan was a part of the British Commonwealth at that time and Pakistani citizens were allowed to travel to all countries in the world.

The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Your Pakistani Passport is Invalid for Israel

Pakistan became independent in 1947 and at that time, it was not clear which country Pakistan would align with. The new government decided to go with other Muslim countries instead of Israel and to include this information on Pakistani passports.

We will talk about why Pakistani passport has clearly mentioned that “This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel“.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your Pakistani passport is not valid for Israel.

Pakistan’s refusal to acknowledge Israel stems from the two countries history. Pakistan was founded on the notion of a homeland for Muslims and, in 1948, Pakistani leaders were concerned that an independent Jewish state would threaten the Muslim majority population in the region.

Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country, and Israel has been known for its discrimination toward Muslims. Pakistani passport holders are not allowed to enter Israel without a visa.

The Israeli immigration authorities are extremely strict when it comes to issuing visas to people from Pakistan. They have a list of countries whose passports they do not accept at all and Pakistan is one of them.

First Reason:-

Pakistanis are not allowed to visit Israel because they are on the blacklist of countries whose citizens are not permitted entry into Israel without a special visa that can only be obtained in advance with approval from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The reasons vary from country to country, but the most common one is that Pakistan does not have diplomatic relations with Israel and does not recognize it as a state.

Second Reason:-

The Israeli government does not allow the entry of people who are citizens of countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel and do not recognize it as a state. Because Israel and Pakistan do not have diplomatic relations.

Third Reason:-

Pakistani passport holders cannot visit Israel because the Pakistani government refuses to recognize Israel.

On the other hand, the Israeli government also does not recognize Pakistan as a sovereign state, which means that Pakistani passport holders cannot visit Israel.

The Pakistani passport is not valid for Israel because of the lack of a visa. It is because the Israeli government does not allow Pakistani passport holders to enter the country without a visa.

Pakistan – Israel Relations:-

Pakistan and Israel almost often use their embassies and consulates within the cities of Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey to mediate and exchange vital information with each other. Pakistani passports cannot be officially stamped by Israeli immigration officials.

Pakistan stance on Palestine:-

All of the above three reasons are valid but the core reason is why Pakistan does not accept Israel because of Palestine. Pakistan has always stood with Palestine and that is why they have been a part of the Muslim world. Pakistan has been supporting the Palestinian cause for a long time and has been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.

Pakistan’s support for Palestine is not surprising because Pakistan has historically been a part of the Muslim world and it shares many cultural similarities with Arab countries.

How Pakistani Passport Holders Can Visit Israel?

Pakistan does not acknowledge the state of Israel. Therefore, need to apply for Israel VISA from an Israeli embassy in a country other than Pakistan.

It means Pakistani passport holders can apply for an Israeli tourist visa at any other Israeli embassy in another country and can not apply within Pakistan.

Pakistanis can get an Israeli visa on arrival if they have a valid American, Canadian, Schengen, or UK passport. However, if the Pakistani passport holder has also a valid Indian or Thai passport then he/she will be able to get an Israeli visa on arrival as well.

My Closing Thoughts:-

I have not heard anything whatsoever about flying to Israel. All visitors have crossed the border into Israel either from Jordan or Egypt.

If a Pakistani national uses his/ her American, Canadian, or European passport to visit Israel, then Israeli immigration takes and keeps Pakistani passports upon entering Israel and returns them to the holder on exit (same border crossing is a must).

The bottom line is, A Pakistani citizen can visit Israel. It is not illegal to do so. This means if a Pakistani citizen visits Israel and then enters Pakistan, he or she will not be penalized. Many Pakistani citizens have visited Israel and then returned to Pakistan. No one charged them.

In recent years, Israel has openly said that they want to have diplomatic ties with Pakistan, if Pakistan accepts it and recognize Israel and start diplomatic ties with Israel then the restrictions can be lifted for both countries and people can easily travel to each other countries for tourism and business purposes.

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